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The Origin

It is the year 2100. Human evolution has traversed emotional connectivity. The advancement of technology has forced a faster evolution process which has given rise to the birth of a new society. Of this society are a smaller group of 10,000 humans who stand out. With brains much bigger than the rest of humans on the planet, they now possess powers and abilities. They called them the Big Brain Society.


Big Brain Society was created by an NFT artist and collector whose goal is to introduce a unique and special concept to the NFT community. The collection consists of 10,000 randomly generated and unique characters residing on the Ethereum blockchain, meeting the ERC-721 standard. Ownership of Big Brain NFTs includes full commercial and creative rights, as well as access to our exclusive merch, community events, profit sharing, and much more.

Our aim is to provide awesome art, building an amazing community and do our part to help make the world a better place through artistic expression.
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Charity Donations

  • 5 ETH to "Autism Speaks" for advancing research into causes and better interventions for autism spectrum disorder and related conditions.
  • 5 ETH to "Family Promise" to help fight homelessness and help low income families achieve sustainable housing
  • 1% royalties of all Secondary Sales will be given to crypto-supported charities

Big Brain Society Caps

  • Big Brain Society Merch Drop to NFT token holders. This will include limited edition Branded Caps.

Big Brain Society Hoodies

  • Big Brain Society "Origin Story" begins with Sci-Fi novel in the works.
  • Big Brain Society Hoodie claiming initiated.

Merch + Charity

  • Big Brain Society x The Northface Backpack claiming initiated
  • 5 ETH to "Black Girls Code" to empower young women of color ages 7-17 to embrace the current tech marketplace as builders + creators.


  • Floor CryptoPunk purchased and distributed to random Big Brain Society NFT holder. This is subject to change depending on the floor price in comparison to other factors. Should this change, we will either giveaway ETH or a floor Bored Ape.
  • 2% of all secondary market sales will be distributed to ALL community token holders as a form of Profit Sharing.
  • Once 100% of the Big Brain Society collection has been sold, roughly 50-100 Big Brains will be purchased from the floor to be used for community giveaways, rewards, raffles, events, and other marketing needs.
  • We can't be a society without a location. We will purchase land where ever the community thinks is best for the project.